An Ever Expanding Wine Collection

Whether it is the additional free time available over the last ten weeks of #lockdown, or simply my enthusiastic desire to learn more and more about wines of the world, but I have been buying far too much wine in the past months. Not that there is anything wrong with increasing the size of one’s cellar, but my cellar is a little difficult to describe as such, given I live in a Third Floor Apartment. Now, to be fair, I do have a more formal cellar in my house, some 75 miles north of where I live and work in Dublin, but the travel restrictions imposed on us all by Covid19 have meant I havent been able to get up there, and take up some of my wines to lay away.

All in all, the apartment is becoming overrun with wine boxes, and it wasn’t overly spacious to start with. In the next month, around 24 more bottles are due to arrive, from Italy, Spain, and my monthly wine club – Where can I put them. One way is to drink some of my present supplies faster, but, that isn’t going to happen, as I like to enjoy my wines, not simply drink them on a daily basis.

Anyhow, as this blog is meant to be my diary of my wines and experiences with, I thought it was about time I restarted posting, and here are some of the latest arrivals that have caused the tripping over of boxes around the apartment – I promise I’ll drink some, and post a few reviews of my favourites.