Continuing my adventures with the wines of Argentina, and another from the @fincasophenia winery, their Sauvignon Blanc.

From Gualatallary, Tupungato in Mendoza, at the height of 4,000 feet a.s.l , comes this top notch SB. Hand harvested, like so many of the top Argentine grapes, the grapes here are multi harvested across the ripened period, to offer different levels of ripeness, allowing acidity, aromas, and volume to show in a balanced fashion across the final blend.

First thing to note is the greenish yellow colour as the first pour reaches the glass. Even before the liquid has settled in the glass, the aromas of citrus fruits and floral herbs exude from the glass, inviting a raise to the lips and expectation of something above the normal.

Not to be disappointed, the mouth explodes with flavours. Floral at first, with tropical fruits bouncing around, with the texture of the wine filling the mouth as the acidity works alongside the flavours to create a harmonious fullness, before the final swallow and the residual acid leaving you wanting more, as the lengthy finish results in the lingering of fruits, before raising the glass for another sip.

One thing I have found on my latest trip to Argentina, after two years away, has been the expansion of quality wines more readily available, from a far wider variety of grapes than previous encounters. Whilst I have drunk Sauvignon Blanc from here before, this wine from @fincasophenia stands head and shoulders above others I have had from the country, and I believe thus particular wine has good potential to develop further over the next couple of years.

I will definitely revisit this. (My score, for what it us worth, 92/100).

Cordero con Piel de Lobo Malbec 2021

Last night, it was a family asado as my vacation in Argentina starts to wind down.

It was back to one of my local favourite producers @mosquitamuertawines and their entry level Malbec,
The Cordero con Piel de Lobo.

The grapes are hand picked, and fermented in Concrete, before 50% of the juice spends 6-8 months in oak, before being blended with the unoaked portion.

The final result sees a somewhat sweet tasting, deeply purple,fruit filled wine, with plum and black fruits in abundance on the nose, following through on the palate.

There is an earthyness about this wine, with peppery spices also hovering around, although, somewhat surprisingly, a short finish, and no lingering flavours.

I saw that this wine has scored in the 90’s in earlier vintages, this was a young 2021, and although scores can be taken with a pinch of salt, and much as I enjoyed the wine, I would find it difficult to see this scoring better than the mid to high 80’s on my own levels.

Locally, at the price point, certainly a wine to go to for an everyday Tipple, and a good starting point for the higher level wines from this wonderful winery.