The Journey Begins

Victoria Wine Shop

Given my latent interest in All Things Wine, I felt it was about time I shared my ramblings in a more permanent record, and where better to start than to go back to the beginning, my youth, and take you along on my journey to today.

This is where it all started for me, back in the 1970’s. Victoria Wine in Southport, Lancashire in England. A Wednesday night part time job while still at school, stocking the shelves and then later (once I had hit 18), serving customers. Up until then, wine wasn’t really on my agenda. I confess to having partaken of alcoholic beverages before I was 18, honestly, who didn’t back then, but it had mainly been beer and cider, but I was to discover the first drops of the grape in those days in Vicky Wine!

I recall that those first forays into the World were short, and sweet. Lutomer Riesling, with a white label, and a yellow labelled Yugoslav Riesling were the guilty parties, and yes, I pronounced the Rise-ling, I belatedly apologise.